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Only JV Video Highlight Packages available - no more Varsity!

πŸ€ Calling all Lady Eagles basketball parents! Elevate your athlete’s game with our new Video Highlights Package! 🌟 Get a personalized highlight reel after every game + a season recap video perfect for family & college recruits. πŸŽ₯ Boost their chances of catching college coaches’ eyes & showcasing their skills! πŸ¦…βœ¨

πŸ”₯ Stand out from the crowd! These highlight videos are tailor-made to highlight your athlete’s best moments, enhancing their chances of getting noticed by college scouts.

πŸ’ͺ Share these incredible moments on social media to grab attention and let your athlete shine! 🌐 Don’t miss this opportunity to give your Lady Eagle the spotlight they deserve! Sign up now and let’s create winning highlights together! πŸ† πŸŽ¬πŸ€

Included in the Video Highlights Package:

πŸ¦… Highlight Game Reels of YOUR Athlete

Highlight videos of your athlete delivered to you within five days after each game. Non-watermarked 16:9 (wide) videos perfect for sharing on social media or sending to family members. Approximately 30-120 seconds long.

πŸ¦… Season Highlight Compilation

End-of-season compilation video showcasing your athlete’s full season; perfect for sharing with college coaches. Approximately 5-10 minutes long.

πŸ¦… GoFairGrove YouTube Season Playlist

Playlist on our YouTube channel of your athletes highlight game reels that can easily be shared with family members or club/college coaches. We’ll add each game reel to the playlist as we finish them. Example Playlist: https://tinyurl.com/yck2ssk3

πŸ¦… Priority Coverage & Random Social Media Shout-Outs

By limiting this package to only three per level of play, we’re able to make sure that your athlete gets our time and attention when recording, when doing post-game edits and when creating social media posts. We’ll randomly share your athletes game reels and achievements on our social media channels, showcasing their skills to the community, colleges and the public.

Sit back & enjoy the game; we'll capture your memories.

This package is LIMITED to 3 for Varsity & 3 for JV

Availability (signups are limited):
Season Pass: Varsity: 2
Season Pass: JV: 2
Video Highlights Package: Varsity: 0
Video Highlights Package: JV: 1
We will update the numbers above and remove Sign Up buttons as the spots disappear.

We strive to capture your athlete scoring on offense, maneuvering on the court, defensive skills, sportsmanship nature, blocks, assists, steals, their determination, grit and competitive attitude; things a college coach is looking for.

Example video from last year...

Frequently Asked Questions

Not any more… In the past we’ve videoed several games and provided complimentary media; usually with our watermark on it. Doing all of that took a LOT of time and effort. This year (2023/24) we will drastically be cutting down on the amount of media we capture and will be focused on those who have signed up.

Our best effort is to be at ALL the games that the Lady Eagles play in during the 2023/24 season. This particular package covers all regular season games.

To receive the most bang for your buck, choose the level of play that your athlete will get the most playing time in. If your athlete dresses for Varsity but sits the bench a lot there, but plays more minutes in JV, then sign up for JV level coverage.

The quantity of media we capture is directly relevant to the amount of playing time your athlete receives. If your athlete sits the bench most of the time, we would suggest you NOT purchase this package.

Highlight Game Reels will be sent to you within five days after each game.

Parents would usually rather watch their children play than have their head behind a display screen. Recording the game while trying to also watch the game usually leads to either wide-angle videos, shaky unstable video, or not paying attention and you find your camera was pointed away from the play that just happened. Not to mention the editing time involved afterwards to be able to see plays that just your athlete as involved in. There’s a LOT of recording and a TON of editing involved. Also, you probably don’t have a plan/strategy to store all the clips to create a season highlight video at the end 😁

The benefit of working with GoFairGrove is that we’re a small locally-owned business and we don’t mind you contacting us with questions. Feel free to email us at info@gofairgrove.com or give us a call at 417-496-6275. There’s a good chance we may not answer if we don’t recognize the number, but leave a voicemail and we’ll call you back.

Disclaimer & Things NOT Included:

  • GoFairGrove is NOT affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed, or in any way officially connected with the Fair Grove R-X School District in Missouri.
  • There is NO GUARANTEE of the length of the videos. The video lengths are dependent on the playing time your athlete receives on the court.
  • Quality of Deliverables: Here is an example playlist that shows the quality of videos you will receive: https://tinyurl.com/yck2ssk3
  • Refunds: If you are not completely satisfied within the first 14 days, we’ll give you a full refund! This timeframe should allow us the opportunity to capture your athlete in at least two games.

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