Included in the GoFairGrove Season Pass:

🦅 Action Photo Gallery of YOUR Athlete

No more looking through a ton of photos of other people’s kids. Includes high-resolution non-watermarked digital photos of your athlete you can share, print and enjoy with no attribution required. Photo gallery delivered to up to three phone numbers via text message & emailed to you within 48 hours after each game.

🦅 End-of-Season Photo Compilation video

Digital video showcasing your athlete’s photos from throughout the season; set to music; length will vary but typically about one minute long; great for sharing & posting to social media

🦅 End-of-Season 16×20 Photo Collage

Includes a 16×20 collage print + digital version of your athlete for you to hang on the wall at home and share on social media

🦅 Priority Coverage & Random Social Media Shout-Outs

By limiting the Season Passes to only five players we’re able to make sure that your athlete gets our time and attention when photographing & recording, when doing post-game edits and when creating social media posts. Increased quantity of deliverables and more choices to view in your photo gallery = 👍

🦅 Discount on other GoFairGrove Offerings

Season Pass holders get 30% OFF our Video Highlights Package << ONLY JV Video Highlight Packages available

Sit back & enjoy the game; we'll capture your memories.

Passes are LIMITED to 5 for Varsity & 5 for JV

Availability (signups are limited):
Season Pass: Varsity: 2
Season Pass: JV: 2
Video Highlights Package: Varsity: 0
Video Highlights Package: JV: 1
We will update the numbers above and remove Sign Up buttons as the spots disappear.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the past, we’ve has photographed and provided complimentary media of all the athletes; usually with our watermark on the media and an optional payment method to get high-resolution non-watermarked images. Doing all of that took a LOT of time and effort. This year (2023/24) we will drastically be cutting down on the amount of media we capture and will mainly be focused on those who have a Season Pass. We’ll try to get at least one photo of everyone who plays per game, but our goal with Season Pass holders is to get 10-20 photos each game and organize them into separate galleries so parents & athletes don’t need to scour through our site to see themselves. Plus, Season Pass holders get high-resolution non-watermarked images that they can print and use however they’d like. 

Our best effort is to be at ALL the games that the Lady Eagles play in during the 2023/24 season; hopefully all the way into the state championship again.

To receive the most bang for your buck, choose the level of play that your athlete will get the most playing time in. If your athlete dresses for Varsity but sits the bench a lot there, but plays more minutes in JV, then sign up for JV level coverage.

The quantity of photographs & media we capture for Season Pass holders is directly relevant to the amount of playing time your athlete receives. If your athlete sits the bench most of the time, we would suggest you NOT purchase a Season Pass.

Season Pass holders should receive their photos within 48 hours after a game. The photos of your athlete will be in their own gallery and we’ll text and email you when they are available. We’ll send an SMS text message to three numbers in case you want to add grandparents, your athlete, or anyone else you want to have the link.

If photography isn’t your forte or you’d rather watch your athlete play than have your head in a camera, then our Season Pass is for you. Do you enjoy taking photos instead of being in the moment? Do you enjoy culling through photos at home after a game to choose the best ones only to find that most of them are blurry? We locate ourselves on the baseline of most games, allowing us to get better angles than just sitting in the stands. We’re recognized as a MSHSAA Media Outlet, which gives us additional access to photograph from the baseline during district and state championship games; access that parents simply don’t have.

We strive to provide our Season Pass holders with 1) quality 2) quantity & 3) expediency. We deliver quality photos of just your athlete to you directly within 48 hours of a game. No more waiting and hoping you didn’t miss so-&-so’s social media post so you can browse through 60+ photos to find the 7 photos that include your athlete. We’ll text & email you a link directly to your athlete’s gallery before we post any of the photos online for the public to see so you can start sharing game photos of your player before anyone else.

The benefit of working with GoFairGrove is that we’re a small locally-owned business and we don’t mind you contacting us with questions. Feel free to email us at or give us a call at 417-496-6275. There’s a good chance we may not answer if we don’t recognize the number, but leave a voicemail and we’ll call you back.

Disclaimer & Things NOT Included in the GoFairGrove Season Pass:

  • GoFairGrove is NOT affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed, or in any way officially connected with the Fair Grove R-X School District in Missouri. Knowing this, our Season Pass does NOT include any admission to games.
  • There is NO GUARANTEE of the number of photos you will receive after each game. The quantity of photos & media is dependent on the playing time your athlete receives on the court.
  • Quality of Deliverables: For examples of the quality we strive for, see the photos & media on our website as well as our social media pages.
  • Refunds: If you are not completely satisfied within the first 14 days, we’ll give you a full refund! This timeframe should allow us the opportunity to capture your athlete in at least two games.

Passes are LIMITED!