Girls Basketball

Fair Grove Lady Eagles Sweep the 43rd FG Invitational Tournament

Fair Grove Lady Eagles Sweep the 43rd FG Invitational Tournament

The Fair Grove Lady Eagles swept all three games of their own 43rd Annual Inaugural Girls’ Basketball Tournament to take the championship! The Lady Eagles beat out Ava (75-8), Springfield Catholic (70-9) and West Plains (46-39).

In an electrifying matchup at the Fair Grove Invitational, the Lady Eagles basketball team soared to victory, clinching a hard-fought 46-39 win against West Plains. Led by the stellar performance of junior guard Cam Hart, who contributed 10 crucial points, the Lady Eagles showcased their talent and determination on the court.

Under the guidance of Coach Gary Greene, the team is on a mission for more success this season. Greene’s leadership has injected fresh energy into the squad, igniting their passion for the game and fostering a culture of resilience and teamwork.

Facing off against a formidable opponent in West Plains, the Lady Eagles knew they had a tough battle ahead. But fueled by their desire to prove themselves once more, they took to the court with unwavering determination.

The game was a testament to their grit and perseverance. Despite a shaky second half and West Plains’ tenacious defense, the Lady Eagles held their ground, refusing to let their opponents dictate the outcome. Every player on the team contributed to the victory, showcasing the depth of talent and the strength of their collective spirit.

As they continue their journey through the season, the Fair Grove Lady Eagles are poised for greatness. With each game, they grow stronger and more confident, building upon their successes and learning from their challenges.

With their eyes set on the prize, the Lady Eagles are ready to soar to even greater heights. Their relentless pursuit of excellence is matched only by their unwavering commitment to each other and their shared goal: to bring home more trophies and solidify their place as champions.